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  • My new Twitter handle is now live - check me out at @jackiewgibson!

  • CNN has posted a history of bias against Sikhs - more reason for people to learn about religions before they attack anyone:...

  • Sikh temple shooting unfolding, learn about Sikhism here:

  • Sikh temple shooting unfolding, learn about Sikhism here:

  • Hackers group Anonymous takes down Vatican website:

  • WGN-TV calls doomsday prophecies "an illusion":

  • RT @graceishuman: Really,? Asking people JUST LEAVING the service how they felt about it? Tacky, tacky, inappropriate

  • Whitney Houston's funeral service really took the world to church. Love Pastor Winans' honesty, very moving.

  • #teacher ? Here are appropriate responses to situations with your Jehovah's Witness student:

  • #Teachers: Want to know why your Jehovah's Witness student won't say the pledge and how to respond?

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Religion Transcends is a Web site devoted to providing news about world religions — without prejudice. Information on the site is meant to provide education about various world religions in order to transcend the present state of affairs and come to a more coexistent, peaceful understanding.



Transcends is a cumbersome word to type. Especially when you’re typing quickly in Google. Yeah, I know. But the site name has two important meanings.

First, the purpose of the information on this Web site is certainly meant to help us educate ourselves about various world religions in order to transcend our present state of affairs and come to a more coexistent, peaceful understanding.

The second meaning points to an inherent characteristic of most religions: the idea that there is some sort of power or being outside of ourselves, transcendent and beyond. We can either become one with that power (as in Hinduism), become that power (as in Buddhism), understand that power exists (as in religious studies), or worship and follow that power (as in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity). But usually it is something outside of ourselves, beyond ourselves, or (if it is within) beyond what we presently know of ourselves. It transcends the present.



Religion has always had a prominent place in society — whether as an institution helping the poor, as a refuge for the lost or the weak or the needy, as a way to connect with a transcendent power, or as a debate with or against society. In the recent past, news about religion has entered the mainstream media: often through moral debates during presidential elections or through extremists’ ideas and actions. In a post-9/11 world, it has never been more important to understand what others believe. It is critical that each person work to comprehend others’ beliefs before deciding how one feels toward members of a religion or how one might act toward a member of a certain religion. The media has been too hasty to draw simplistic conclusions about various religions: Islam is a religion of peace, Christianity is a religion of love, etc. Instead of drawing these conclusions, we should explore the beliefs and actions of all religions as a way to put current events in perspective and to examine them in context. Only then can we truly enter into a conversation about religions and determine the proper paths to take to work toward peace and understanding.

Want more? Check out this beautiful editorial by the Dalai Lama in the New York Times.



Holidays are included as a way to introduce you to a variety of religions and religious practices. Chances are, even if you don’t know anything about Islam, you’ve heard of Ramadan. Or you might know a Jewish friend who celebrates Hanukkah. By learning about these celebrations, you can begin to both understand others’ celebrations and activities, as well as some of their beliefs.

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