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  • Sikh temple shooting unfolding, learn about Sikhism here:

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An August 2010 poll from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life revealed that 38% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Islam.

Yet we also know, based on another recent survey from the Pew Forum about religious knowledge, that an incredibly low number of Americans really know a lot about the world’s religions – sometimes even their own!

Enter 20,000 Dialogues. Through this initiative, you can host a small event in your living room – or a bigger event in your community – to watch a film about Islam and then talk about the religion. According to its Web site…

(20,000 Dialogues) seeks to build greater understanding of Muslims through films and conversation.

More than 10,000 dialogues have already taken place across the United States. States in the East, parts of the Midwest, and the South have hosted several events. States in the Upper Midwest and the West are particularly underrepresented.

This is a great way to get the conversation going – even if that conversation turns sour. People in your own family or in your community likely differ in their opinions about Islam. Here’s a chance to talk about it in an open environment where you don’t have to feel afraid to ask tough questions and express your opinions.

If you are interested in hosting a group of 4-5 people in your living room to watch this film, sign up at You’ll receive the DVD of the film, conduct the dialogue, and place your community on the map of dialogues.

Check out this YouTube video for more info.

Created by Religion Transcends, 2010

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